How Much Can You Save By Switching to a Reusable Water Bottle

by Adel

How Much Can You Save by Switching to a Reusable Water Bottle?

Each day more and more people are making the switch to reusable bottles and ditching the single-use bottles, and with good reason. There is a lot to benefit from simply switching to reusable bottles, from saving money to saving the environment, here are some of the best reasons to switch to reusable bottles

switching to a reusable water bottle

It Saves Money!

People spend a lot of money on water. According to The Water Project, people spend an average of $100 on drinking water a year! It goes without saying that spending some up-front cash on a reusable bottle is a worthwhile investment. Even with buying a water filter, the purchases pay for them selves in the first few months. According to my math, you will save an average of $75 a year. I broke it all down below to make the decision to switch to a reusable water bottle even easier:

First Year Cost (Reusable)

Average Reusable Bottle Cost: $20-$30
Regular Water Filter (Brita as an example) $28
Brita Filter Refills for a whole year: $25 .
First Year Water Cost: $83

Post Year 1 Annual Cost (Reusable)

Brita Filter Refill for a year $25
Total Annual Cost $25

Disposable Water Bottle Annual Cost:

Annual Estimated Cost: $100

First Year Cost Comparison

Annual Disposable Bottle Cost $100
First Year Reusable Bottle Cost $83 .
Savings With Reusable Bottles $17

Annual Savings (after first year)

Annual Disposable Bottle Cost $100
Second Year Reusable Bottle Cost $25 .
Savings With Reusable Bottles $75

how much can you save by switching to a reusable water bottle

The Convenience

The money alone should be reason enough to switch to reusable bottles, but if it isn’t, here is another: it is much more convenient. If you buy one of the larger bottles (32oz or bigger  you are making your life easier. The bigger the bottle, the less you have to worry about water running out and refilling! If you are going out on a long hike, it pays to have an extra large bottle on hand. The same is true if you are trying to stay hydrated while working out or for so many other uses!

Need more proof they are more convenient? Think about the water temperature. If you use a thermal insulated reusable bottle, your water will stay cool all day! On top of that, the bottles can be used to carry anything, from coffee to protein shakes to so much more!

Regular bottles also constantly get crushed and ruined very easily. If you try to reuse it, it will not last very long under even the simplest of stress. To add to it, all of them look exactly the same, so you may lose track of your bottle very easily too.

Final convenience tip: You no longer have to keep going out to buy water if you run out. And many workplaces and universities have filtered water ready to refill the bottles.

The Environment

This is probably the biggest reason so many people switch to reusable bottles. We mentioned above how the average person buys 167 disposable bottles a year. The tragic part is that most of these bottles never get recycled too. Despite most of them being recyclable, studies show that Americans only recycle about 25% of these bottles. This is not even mentioning the 50 million gallons of oil used a year to produce these bottles and all the other factors that go into shipping the bottles.

Bonus Reason: They’re Fashionable!

The beauty of reusable bottles is that there are so many to choose from. Whether you decide to go metal, plastic, glass, or even silicone, you can change the look of your bottle to match your unique style. Many companies even offer the option to customize your bottle when shopping with them. So look around, and find the best reusable bottle that matches your life style!

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