Best Tips for Cleaning Your Reusable Bottle

by Adel

Cleaning Your WATER Bottle?

If you own a reusable bottle, there is probably a lot on your mind. Like, did I get the right color, did I buy the right size, was it really worth spending $80 on a Yeti??? So, I’ll add one more question to the list, are you cleaning your reusable bottle enough?

As someone who mainly uses his bottle for water, this was not the first question in my head, I mean, I would use water to clean it, so why clean it at all, right? Well, turns out I was very wrong. Reusable bottles need to be cleaned frequently, and even more frequently if you are using a plastic bottle. Unfortunately, most of the time, it is not as easy throwing it in the dishwasher or rinsing it of with water. Most reusable bottles are not even dishwasher friendly.

So What Does the Science Say?

One study conducted in 2014 found that 90% of used shaker bottles had certain harmful bacteria, while 100% of new ones did not. To put it simply, people were not cleaning their bottles enough leading to potential harm to the user. If you do not clean your bottle regularly, it may cause great harm to you. Another study points to the fact that bottles may have more bacteria than pet bowls. Bottles are a great place for bacteria to grow, as they are naturally wet dark and warm. Experts suggest that you should actually be cleaning your bottle daily, if you are using it daily. Otherwise, you should still clean it more than once a week. A good rule of thumb would be to clean it after each use.

cleaning your reusable bottle

Now the question is How Do I Clean It???

The easiest way is to put it in the dishwasher. The good thing about dishwashers is that the high temperature helps kill bacteria. It is also likely to get most parts of the bottle (inside and out) so you do not need to worry about missing any areas. Unfortunately though, not all bottles are dishwasher safe. Make sure to check if it is before throwing it in. Sometimes the small opening prevents the dishwasher from cleaning a bottle properly as well. Also, if using plastic bottles, the high temperature can release chemicals from the plastic that can also cause harm. Even metal bottles can be negatively affected by the dishwasher. Most metal bottles have some kind of paint on them, so check the label before placing the bottle in the dishwasher.

The best way to wash your bottle is by hand, using water, soap and a brush. You can find cheap brushes anywhere, like this 3 piece set on Amazon. The process is really simple, just add soap to the bottle or brush, put water in the bottle )preferably hot or warm water), and brush away. If you want to go even further, you can even fill the bottle with a bit of soapy water and have it sit for a bit, so it tackles the dirt at the bottom, then move forward with the regular cleaning process. Make sure to clean the inside and out. According to the research, the tip of the bottle can be especially dirty, so pay especially close attention to that as well. You could even use a sponge on the tip to clean it more rigorously.On the inside, make sure to reach all the way to the base of the bottle and clean ALL around. It is easy to miss a spot on the first go, so take your time cleaning and brush around multiple times.

So, here is the quick breakdown:

  • Your bottle is dirtier than you think
  • You should clean it after each use
  • Make sure to use soap and water, and get all parts
  • Yes, you did spend too much on that personalized Yeti.

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