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by Adel

Non-Profit Profile:

Year Formed: 2009 (Originally WaterPartners, formed in 1990)
Founders: Gary White (Engineer)
                       Matt Damon (Actor)
Executive Directors: Gary White
Based from: United States of America
Vision:’s mission is to bring water and sanitation for all by making it safe, accessible, and cost-effective.

Charity Navigator Review: 4 Stars (95.12/100)

great non-profit profiles:


Primary Work (How Vision is Met):

There are 4 ways works to accomplish this vision:
  1. Forging partnerships with local partner organizations in the countries it serves
  2. Involving the community at each stage of the project
  3. Selecting technology appropriate to the local community and their particular situation
  4. Integrating all projects with health and hygiene education.

Where Work Is Done:

Developing countries. Work done in South America, Africa, and Asia. Work done in 12 Countries in 2019.

Donations from 2019: 

Donation sources are fairly even split between foundations, corporations and individuals (38%, 27%, and 31% of total donations).
Total revenue, gains & other support $24,618,334
$20,588,558 used on programs in 2019, 73% of all donations go to programs i.e. work done in the field.

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Check out the organization and if you want to support the work they do, follow the link to their website below.

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